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The launching platform for e-entrepreneurs

[Johannesburg, 23 October 2014] - With its marketplace model, low barriers to entry and large built-in audience, South Africa's www.bidorbuy.co.za is attracting upwards of two hundred new sellers every month. Almost half of them come from the economic hub of the country, Gauteng, followed by Cape Town and Durban.

It is not surprising that people who want to build their own online retail business find bidorbuy a viable option.

Opening a physical retail store is cost-prohibitive for most new entrepreneurs. While building a retail Web site is cheaper, doing it from scratch can still be an expensive and technically challenging undertaking. And once it's built, not many prospective buyers will come to it, not unless the entrepreneur can spend lots of money on advertising.
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The launching platform for e-entrepreneurs

Last updated: 23 October 2014