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bidorbuy.co.za is South Africa's largest online marketplace. Established in 1999, bidorbuy has created a safe and convenient way for people to buy and sell online.

In order to buy or sell on the site, users must be registered. Buyers do not pay anything to register and transact on the site. Sellers do not pay anything to register or to list an item. They only pay a selling commission when their items are sold. On low-cost items, that commission can be up to 5% of the selling price, and on high-value items about 1%.

For sellers, individuals or businesses, bidorbuy provides a sophisticated trading platform through which they can reach a large number of customers, often geographically distant, at a very low cost.

For buyers, bidorbuy provides an opportunity to buy just about anything, from the latest gadgets before they reach South Africa, brand-new products at discounted prices to second-hand items, or difficult to find collectibles.

Even though they never see each other, buyers and sellers know who they are dealing with, thanks to the bidorbuy rating system. Buyers rate sellers based on the service and the quality of the product, and sellers rate buyers on the basis of prompt payments and ease of transaction. This rating system gives buyers and sellers an idea about the past performance and reputation of the other party.

bidorbuy is committed to constantly making improvements that make the site both safe and fun to trade on.