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Study at Boston to pursue your passion for sport as a career
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[Johannesburg, 12 February 2013]

Former Kaizer Chiefs and a South African football player John Shoes Moshoeu.

Former Kaizer Chiefs and a South African football player John Shoes Moshoeu.

Do you have football fever or cricket mania? Perhaps you should consider studying sport administration through Boston City Campus & Business College and making a career out of your passion for sport.

You would be following in the footsteps of graduates like the former Kaizer Chiefs and South African football player, John Shoes Moshoeu. Boston’s sport administration courses are prized and recognised throughout South Africa's sporting world - including sports clubs, sports clinics, sports associations, sports councils, and local, provincial and national sports departments. For example, the college is the training body for Cricket SA.

The sports administration courses on offer include:
* Sports Management: full insight into the commercial sporting world.
* Sports Administration: practical administration in the sporting world.
* Sports Club Administration: specialisation in management of sports clubs.
* Football Coaching and Administration: Holistic understanding of managing and coaching a football team.

Each of these courses will ground you with a superb practical and theoretical understanding of the discipline you have chosen to study. Says Moshoeu: “My qualification from Boston has helped me to be involved in the sporting world in a different role. The learning experience was interesting and practical, equipping me with all the knowledge I need for my new career.”

Boston City Campus & Business College is an award-winning tertiary education institution that has been around for over two decades. Originally established to provide tuition and assistance to Unisa students, the Boston of today offers over 80 course options, including degrees, diplomas and short courses.

Currently there are branches nationwide in South Africa and neighbouring countries, as well as a student body of over 20 000.


Boston City Campus

Founded in 1991, Boston City Campus & Business College was started to help Unisa students prepare for their examinations. Today, it has become one of South Africa’s leading tertiary education institutions, offering over 80 career study options at over 40 colleges nationwide servicing more than 20 000 learners annually throughout South Africa.

Boston is committed to “Education. For Life.”and prides itself on offering relevant courses that meet industry needs; and quality academic material and tuition that delivers a high level of success for students and provides them with employable, work-ready skills.

At Boston, students are offered assistance with all aspects of student life, from training, computer literacy and computerised career compass assessment, to moderation and verification of theoretical and practical training schedules.

More information on Boston City Campus & Business College is available at

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