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[Johannesburg, 13 June 2013]

As one of South Africa’s leading tertiary education institutions, Boston City Campus & Media House prides itself on providing a range of study options to suit the needs of all prospective students. This includes offering a range of short courses that allow students to either improve their existing qualifications or provide new students with basic skills that can be used to secure a job.

"Boston Media House, in particular, remains a popular choice for those wanting to pursue a career in media, whether it be in advertising, radio or music production. These courses are highly sought-after due to the balanced mix of practical and theoretical tuition, which equips graduates with the practical skills to be able to do the job," says Ari Katz, CEO of Boston City Campus.

He adds that Boston City Campus also recognises that finances are often a concern for students, which is why the college offers a number of payment options for short courses so that students can concentrate on their studies rather than stress about how they are going to pay the bill.

If you are thinking of going into design, then Boston’s graphic design course is an excellent option to consider. This course covers all the fundamental information on graphic design theory, reproduction and print. You will master popular graphic design programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and other software. On completion, students are able to design anything from brochures and adverts, to Web sites.

On the radio side, Boston offers a range of courses, including Radio Production, Radio Presenting, Digital Music Production as well as a course in Digital Music Composition & Production offered in conjunction with independent dance record label, Soul Candi.

The Radio Production course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of radio production and, by the end of this course, they will be able to script and produce radio shows. Boston Media House’s simulated on-air studios and production studios provide individuals with the opportunity to practice what they have learnt in theory.

If you want your voice to grace the airwaves, this is the course for you. As with the Radio Production course, you will master the basics of radio production, but you will also learn the basic aspects of radio broadcasting, including how to operate a radio station and programming and creation of radio documentaries. Onsite training in real studios ensures individuals are able to fulfil the role of a radio presenter or DJ.

For those wanting a career in music, in particular music production, Boston Media House offers two courses. The Digital Music Production course covers basic music production, post production, technical producing and studio engineering. It will ensure you know your way around most Digital Audio Workstations and have an understanding of mixing consoles and control surfaces.

Boston Media House’s innovative Digital Music Composition & Production course is offered in conjunction with Soul Candi and teaches students how to integrate modern music composition using the latest music-production techniques. This year-long course equips you with the skills you will need to enter the exciting and vibrant life of music production.

"All of these courses aim to produce individuals who are job-ready," explains Katz. "Not only do they gain hands-on experience during their course using the college’s outstanding facilities, but students are encouraged to participate in the Experience It! Programme, which allows them to gain practical work experience and an understanding of the workplace."


Boston City Campus

Founded in 1991, Boston City Campus & Business College was started to assist Unisa students prepare for their examinations. Today, it has become one of South Africa’s leading tertiary education institutions, offering over 80 career study options at over 40 colleges nationwide servicing more than 20 000 learners annually throughout South Africa.

Boston is committed to “Education. For Life.” and prides itself on offering relevant courses that meet industry needs, and quality academic material and tuition that deliver a high level of success for students and provides them with employable, work-ready skills.

At Boston, students are offered assistance with all aspects of student life, from training, computer literacy and computerised career compass assessment, to moderation and verification of theoretical and practical training schedules.

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