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Bringing corporate-level benefits to South Africa’s SME clients
Issued by: Corporate Traveller  
[Johannesburg, 20 May 2013]

Flight Centre SA’s Corporate Traveller brand is on target to double its annual turnover to R1 billion and 4% market share in 2013. Its exceptional growth is based on giving its 1 000-plus SME clients top-value service at low rates on monthly accounts without interest.

The average yearly SME spend on business travel is R350 000 upwards, says GM Andrew Stark, which is a substantial outlay in their annual budgets on a Top Five line item. Corporate Traveller’s expertise is in showing how that expenditure can be offset by added-value services and cost savings.

“Our motto is ‘Bring an expert on board’,” he says. “Our Corporate Traveller service is customised to each client’s needs but it’s not expensive. We do it more efficiently for less cost. The client company employs senior staff to manage its travel needs, but if we do it for them, why have such staff? End of the day, we are an agent available without contract to do the job at far less cost than they can do it themselves.

“We normally save between 5% and 25% for the client. Not by reducing travel, but by finding more efficient ways to do it. Streamlining their spend and consolidating their suppliers can effect considerable savings.”

Added value is significant when choosing a supplier in the corporate travel market. The free Corporate Traveller service includes analysing their spend and consolidating the clients’ suppliers. They might be able to take advantage of Corporate Traveller’s own global rates.

Says Stark: “A number of our SME clients don’t qualify for the negotiated deals that our FCm clients enjoy; they will be booking what’s available in terms of rates. Under the Corporate Traveller brand, they would benefit from the agreements we hold through our connections with the Flight Centre global company. We would be acting on their behalf.

"Travel policies and traveller safety are priorities we look at carefully for our SME clients," he adds. Our review includes the benefits of travel insurance, and whether it’s taken out annually or trip by trip – because there are savings to be made there too."

The major advantage to small to medium-sized clients using Corporate Traveller is that the brand comes without contracts. They get all of the Corporate Traveller support systems on a month-by-month arrangement, interest free.

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