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Emergent Energy 'greens' Chevron headquarters

Issued by: Emergent Energy  
[Johannesburg, ]

Emergent Energy is currently undertaking detailed energy and daylight modelling for Chevron's new South African headquarters in Cape Town. The design team, headed by project management firm Turner & Townsend, is aiming for a five star rating under the Green Star South Africa (GSSA) office rating tool, which assesses the sustainability of a building according to a comprehensive and wide-ranging set of criteria.

By simulating the building's interior conditions every 10 minutes for an entire sample year, Emergent Energy will develop an accurate indication of the efficiency of the building's design: including its orientation and shape, its materials of construction, and the design and specifications of its air-conditioning and lighting systems.

Emergent Energy will also model how effectively the building uses natural daylight to illuminate workspaces and other interior areas, reducing lighting electricity, and improving occupant comfort and productivity.

The comprehensive energy modelling offered by Emergent Energy, using state-of-the art software, is just one of a suite of services aimed at creating better buildings. Contact us to find out how we can make your property investment yield a more efficient, comfortable, and valuable building.

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