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Exceed the SANS 10400 XA Standards with Emergent Energy

Issued by: Emergent Energy  
[Johannesburg, ]

As an experienced provider of green building services, Emergent Energy is well versed with the SANS 10400 XA building regulations that require all new buildings to reach a designated standard in terms of energy consumption and efficiency.

Drawing on a broad portfolio of green building projects – from large offices, to municipal centres, to luxury homes, to school buildings – Emergent Energy assists its clients in not only meeting the SANS 10400 XA standards, but significantly exceeding them.

This is achieved through a range of compliance routes, from basic technical advice, to detailed building simulations using state-of-the-art energy modelling software. Detailed hourly simulations of an entire year of operation allow for the testing of designs, according to a variety of criteria, including:

* Thermal efficiency of the building envelope.
* Efficiency of the building’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.
* Levels of penetration of natural daylight.
* Comfort levels of inhabitants, throughout the day, in the full range of seasons.

The Emergent Energy team has extensive local and international experience in the renewable energy and broader energy sectors, offering expertise in renewable energy projects, off-grid renewable energy systems, sustainable green building design, industrial and commercial energy efficiency, and international and local renewable energy policy.

For more information, please contact:
Jonathan Skeen, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Engineer: Emergent Energy
Telephone: (+27) 21 100 0007
E-mail: jonathan.skeen@emergy.co.za
Web site: www.emergy.co.za

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