Emergent Energy provides energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions and consulting services to Southern African enterprises using state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.

The Emergent Energy team has extensive local and international experience in the renewable energy and broader energy sectors, offering expertise in large renewable energy projects, off-grid renewable energy systems, sustainable building design, industrial and commercial energy efficiency, and international and local renewable energy policy.

The company is 50% owned by Saratoga Private Equity, with a further 25% owned by Sekunjalo TSG (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sekunjalo Investments Limited, a listed black empowered diversified industrial company). The remaining 25% of the company is owned by management. Emergent Energy is a Level-4 BEE Contributor.

Emergent Energy is founded on the belief that our energy systems should be healthier, cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable. We aim to contribute to the achievement of such a system by consistently offering sustainable energy solutions that equal or better the performance of incumbent technologies. This ethos is underlined by three key principles:


We operate on the core idea that our work should protect and enhance the natural resources that sustain both us, and the earth that we live on. To this end, we pursue projects that add value to the communities, regions, and ecosystems in which our clients operate and live.


At Emergent Energy, we understand that modern industries and economies are driven by creativity and innovation. Just as existing energy technologies must continuously adapt, improve, or give way to new alternatives, we aim to constantly improve our services and skills, and to adopt and develop new ones where necessary.

Social Responsibility

Emergent Energy is a product of its people, and its people are a product of the South African community. We believe that skills, knowledge and progress can not be created in a vacuum, and that all South African companies should actively engage with their communities, share their experiences, and learn from their surroundings.

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