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Boost your marketability as a tester with SQL in your toolkit

[Johannesburg, 3 September 2014] - Faculty Training Institute (FTI) has introduced a new course that helps testers uncover the mystery of data using the power of Structured Query Language (SQL). The two-day short course , Structured Query Language for Testers, is ideal for testers who want to increase the value they bring to their testing team and organisation. The course equips delegates with the ability to transact between application and database and generate reports and other information artefacts i.e. (forms, reports, letters, statements, invoices etc.)

The demand for Structured Query Language (SQL) skills is on the increase. A tester proficient in SQL is a valuable asset to the quality assurance (QA) process, the testing team, project team and ultimately to the organisation. The growing demand for testers with the ability to test through applications and system functionality is a required skill.

The course is for test professionals who want to augment their knowledge of databases. Delegates who complete the course will be able to read and interpret an entity relationship diagram, understand the components of a database, data types and operators used with SQL. Attendees will also be able to script and execute basic and complex SQL statements to read, update and delete data as well as learn to factor in performance into the SQL statements.
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Boost your marketability as a tester with SQL in your toolkit

Last updated : 3 September 2014


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