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FTI’s coaching course helps leaders steer high-performance teams
Issued by: Faculty Training Institute  
[Johannesburg, 9 April 2013]

FTI Professional Services Division is offering a powerful and practical course this April that will strengthen the leadership effectiveness of managers, in turn, assisting them to help others within their team, peer group and organisation to think and perform more effectively and powerfully.

The intensive two-day course, calledQuiet Leadership,is based on and developed around the work of world-renowned leadership teacher and coach, David Rock.

This action-based learning workshop will provide immediate, real impact through practical application in the workplace. “Quiet leaders are masters at bringing out the best performance in others. They improve the thinking of people and those around them – literally improving the way their brains process information – without telling anyone what to do,” says Sav Pierre-Eugene, FTI Professional Services’ Executive Head.

Pierre-Eugene explained that in today’s fast-paced business world, leaders are ahead of the pack if they can use coaching conversations to enhance and accelerate their ability to achieve results through engaging people in a more collaborative way.

Quiet Leadership offers a practical, six-step guide to making permanent workplace performance change by unleashing higher productivity, new levels of morale and greater job satisfaction.

Delegates will learn how to strengthen their leadership effectiveness through understanding brain-based leadership techniques and obtain powerful communication tools, enabling them to have significant impact when engaging and communicating with peers, teams and stakeholders.

According to Pierre-Eugene: “This workshop would be of interest to people both in the public and private sectors, be they CEOs, managers, team or business unit leaders, human resources professionals, in fact, anyone who wants to be more effective at inspiring his or her leadership team or who wants to reach new levels of communication and understanding in their team.”

The FTI Professional Services Quiet Leadership course runs from 22-23 April, in Johannesburg. Contact Lauren on (011) 807 9478 book your seat.


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