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FTI’s project management mentors share expertise
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[Johannesburg, 26 September 2013]

FTI's Professional Services division has launched Project Management Mentoring Services. The aim of the mentoring programmes is to support mentees in the process of acquiring and embedding knowledge in the field. The mentor/mentee professional pairing programme is suitable for candidates who already have grounding in project management through formal training and experience, and who are managing project(s), but who would derive significant value by being paired with a project manager with broad theoretical knowledge as well as solid practical experience.

"Training provides an essential grounding in order to develop core skills and an understanding of the disciplines and practice in a given field," says Carol Mould, (PMP), Principal Project Management Mentor at FTI. "However, a professional mentoring relationship with an experienced person can leverage these core skills through a powerful experience that can enhance the less-experienced person's professional and personal growth and add enormous value to the organisation."

The holistic mentoring interventions are conducted by highly skilled and experienced FTI project management mentors, who facilitate the growth of the mentee's project management competence and effectiveness.

Mentees enrolled in the programmes will confirm and reinforce current skills and knowledge, and increase skills levels and task proficiency, either on a one-on-one or group level, with guidance and feedback from an experienced mentor.

According to Mould: "The mentoring interventions can also be used to align individual and team practices and processes, and to improve the quality of work products and artefacts."

FTI Professional Services division, through which Project Management Mentoring Services is available, is a natural extension of FTI's training brand.

"The return on training investment is not always immediately realised, where delegates are not in a position to apply their new skills for some reason, such as they are not yet working in their new roles, the role is not yet mature in the organisation, or the culture of the company is inconsistent with the practices taught," says Mould. "FTI has, therefore, established its Professional Services division specifically to offer value-added services like project management mentoring that will help organisations develop competency around key knowledge roles and develop professional Communities of Practice (COPs)," says Mould.

As the needs of individual participants and organisations will vary, FTI will customise a mentoring programme to suit each client. An engagement could include the following components:

* Initial consultation

* PM mentoring framework implementation

* Co-ordination of mentoring programmes

* Workshops

* Competence assessments

* Provision of group and/or individual mentoring services

* Training of in-house mentors

* Document review

* Telephonic and e-mail support

* Management feedback

Some of the typical areas of performance that the project management mentor and mentee can work on include "hard skills", such as defining scope, planning, estimating, scheduling and managing risk, and "soft skills", such as managing stakeholders effectively, influencing without authority, team leadership, motivation, decision-making, political and cultural awareness, and conflict management.

For further information about the components of FTI's Project Management Mentoring Services offerings, please visit or contact Carol Mould at or (021) 683 4506.


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