Welcome to the FedGroup family. We are the largest independent Financial Services group in South Africa. Our Group was established by John Field in 1990 as a family-owned investment and Trust Company in the pursuit of client service of the highest standard. Through our people as well as our innovative range of products, we are able to offer individually structured solutions. These solutions are not only suited to your current financial circumstances but also to your future financial goals.

The FedGroup vision is to provide financial service excellence with a personal touch. By investing in our people and technology, we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service to each of our clients. In both the running of our business and our personal conduct, we are guided first and foremost by honesty, integrity and respect for human dignity.

Our Group boasts an innovative range of products and services which serve not only the Employee but Individual as well. FedGroup’s Employee Benefits offering consists of Group Risk, Beneficiary Care, Fund Administration and Asset Management. Our Distinction Pension and Provident Umbrella Funds are an optimal, predefined combination of these four products. Each product offered, covers a vital aspect of employee benefit planning. FedGroup’s Individual Benefit Offering comprises of Fiduciary Services and Part Bond Investment. Our comprehensive Fiduciary Service offering includes the drafting and safekeeping of Wills, administration of deceased estates, estate planning as well as the drafting and registration of inter-vivos and testamentary trusts. The FedGroup Part Bond Fund holds a portfolio of first mortgage bonds over South African commercial, industrial and retail properties. The fund is designed to provide a high level of interest while protecting investors’ capital value.

Our branch footprint extends throughout South Africa, ensuring that our clients receive personalised service wherever they may be. In addition to our Head Office in Johannesburg, regional branches staffed by dedicated teams of Broker Consultants, Internal consultants and Customer Service Representatives can be found in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay and East London.

For information on FedGroup’s product offering, take a look at our website…

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