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Grace Harding is the founder and driver of grace consultancy. With over 25 years experience in both people practices (H.R) and marketing grace consultancy is the third business she has started from scratch. She spent the last 10 years specialising in employee engagement and internal communications and realised that these activities alone were not bringing any tangible benefit to businesses and were costing companies a small fortune. Today’s employees are not impressed by that sexy audio visual, that gorgeous brand book or the fantastic presentation that was followed by a performance from a popular band. What people need is meaning, direction, encouragement and clear messaging. This coupled with empathy and simplicity creates a more meaningful package for driving business results.

We are a boutique consultancy. It’s small. It’s personal. AND we make a difference. There are no cut and paste models, 3-piece suits or free dinners. We are people who have worked in stores, managed people, run our own business for nearly 15 years and partnered with incredible clients. They like us because we do things simply, sincerely and when we say we will do things.

It is a privilege to work with Ocean Basket, Steers, Investec, SAB, Abi, University of Johannesburg, St Mary’s School, Liberty Life, The Prestige Cosmetics Group and Webber Wentzel. There are no case studies or testimonials on this website. Who would ever show bad work. When we meet, we will share our principles and outcomes with you.

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