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Bigger, faster and more capacity with Internet Solutions fibre

[Johannesburg, 23 April 2014] - The need to accommodate bandwidth intensive communication applications and tools, has become a critical differentiator for most businesses today. Internet Solutions, a pan-African telecommunications provider, has made major investments in its fibre infrastructure in South Africa and plans to further its rollout in the coming months.

"South Africa's connectivity infrastructure has seen incredible growth in the last few years and the partnerships that have been formed between service providers in order to deliver on this infrastructure has been nothing short of impressive" says Brett Steingo, Innovation and Technology Manager at Internet Solutions. "As a result, the internet connectivity landscape in South Africa today is vastly different to the monopolised connectivity market we were faced with a mere decade ago."

One major factor that has contributed to this dramatic change is the influx of undersea cables that connect South Africa to the rest of the world. Other factors include the decrease in broadband prices over the last few years, an increased demand for online applications, as well as the increase in the availability of fibre networks in metropolitan areas. The granting of electronic communications network service licenses also played a major role in South Africa's improved internet landscape. This meant that service providers who were previously required to buy their network access from one of the major providers, could now build their own networks or choose where they wanted to buy their access from.
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Bigger, faster and more capacity with Internet Solutions fibre

Last updated : 23 April 2014


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