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Sixty-three percent of South Africans not online

[Johannesburg, 17 June 2014] - Only 34% of South Africans have access to the Internet, while 63% say they are not able to access it. This is according to a recent poll by Ipsos, investigating various online habits of South Africans.

Overall, there is a larger proportion of the younger population accessing the Internet than older age groups. Only 34% of people aged between 35-49 years have access to the Internet, and this drops to 14% among those over 50 years old.

The incidence of accessing the Internet is also much higher among the white population with 70% stating they go online, compared to 43% of the Indian population, 36% coloured and 29% of the black population.
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Sixty-three percent of South Africans not online

Last updated : 17 June 2014


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