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Significant support demonstrated for "youth subsidy" - Ipsos poll
Issued by: Ipsos  
[Johannesburg, 14 February 2013]

Just over half of South African voters (54%) support the idea of a youth subsidy. This is an important finding from the Ipsos “Pulse of the People” poll of 3 446 adult South Africans. Fieldwork was conducted between 26 October and 7 December 2012. In the poll, randomly selected respondents were asked how they evaluated the performance of various institutions and officials. The results are representative of the views of South Africans of voting age, ie, 18 years and older.

There has been much speculation in the media that the issue of a youth subsidy would be one of the major points of discussion in President Zuma’s State of the Nation speech this evening (14 February 2013).

In the Ipsos Pulse of the People survey at the end of 2012, South African voters were asked to give their opinions on the statement: “Paying a subsidy to young people is a good idea.”

Of the group who support the idea of a youth subsidy (ie, the 54%), it is no surprise that the strongest support comes from young people. Geographically speaking, voters in the Western Cape, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape buy into the idea of subsidising our youth most.


It’s surprising to note that there is virtually no difference between the opinions of working people and those who do not work. There is also unexpected congruence in the views of different political groups and even of population groups. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that a substantial proportion – about a quarter (24%) – of voters have indicated that they “neither agree nor disagree” with the proposal. Proponents of a youth subsidy still have a lot of work to do to propagate the idea, how it will work and who should be eligible and – perhaps most important – how it can be funded.

Technical aspects

* Fieldwork was carried out from 26 October – 7 December 2012 by trained and experienced fieldworkers.
* 3 446 face-to-face in-home interviews were conducted with a randomly chosen sample of South Africans, 15 years and older, in the language chosen by the respondent.
* Results of South Africans of voting age (ie, 18+) were filtered out – this press release is based on the views of possible voters.
* The results were weighted and projected to the universe.
* The margin of error of the study is 1.67%.

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