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Proud to be South African

[Johannesburg, 25 September 2015] - Almost eight in every 10 South Africans (77%) agree that they are proud to be South African. This sentiment is slightly more pronounced among the younger age group (18 – 24 year olds).

All over the world sport and achievements in sport are seen as sources of national pride. As South Africans experienced in 1995 with President Nelson Mandela's fierce support of the Springbok rugby team, sport can also be a unifier in a diverse country like South Africa. It is worth noting that this study was conducted prior to the start of the Rugby World Cup and the shock defeat of the Springboks by Japan.

However, before the team's departure there was controversy about the choice of players – not only due to their fitness and game form, but also about the representivity of the team and the population groups to which players belong. In the study two questions were asked, namely: "Which is your favourite national sports team?" and "What is your favourite sport?" The results of these two questions are virtually the same, thus we will look at the favourite national sports team chosen by South Africans of different population groups.
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Proud to be South African

Last updated : 25 September 2015


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