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87% of South Africans concerned about Ebola

[Johannesburg, 6 October 2014] - Eighty-seven percent of online South Africans have expressed some concern about the possibility of Ebola being transmitted to South Africa. This is according to a recent Ipsos poll conducted online in 24 countries.

Levels of concern in South Africa are higher than the global average (77% of all people interviewed globally say they are concerned about Ebola reaching their country). "This is not surprising, given the relative proximity of the outbreak and one or two Ebola scares in the South African press lately," states Mari Harris, Head of Public Affairs at Ipsos South Africa.

In the past, Ebola outbreaks have mainly happened in remote, more rural areas of central Africa, where the virus's opportunity to spread was limited. But, the recent outbreak also includes cases occurring in cities and the possibility of the virus traveling to a country anywhere in the world – as shown by the infections of health workers from the UK and the USA. In West Africa, the death toll already exceeds 3 300 and new infections are still happening at an alarming rate.
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87% of South Africans concerned about Ebola

Last updated : 6 October 2014


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