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Proud to be part of South African population

[Johannesburg, 13 July 2015] - Imagine South Africa today as a village in which 100 adults live. In this village, almost eight out of every 10 people (77 out of 100) are proud to be South African. Young people of 18-24 years old (including the "born frees") are marginally more proud to be South African (80%).

In spite of this pride, South Africans are worried about the future and an opinion shared by a third of the villagers (36%) – young and old – is that things are going in the wrong direction in South Africa. Looking ahead to the coming local government election next year, 35 out of 100 say there is no political party that represents their views. Political parties thus have their work cut out for them!

A view that is still prevalent in the South African village is that men make better political leaders than women do: 36 out of the 100 villagers are of this opinion – 20 of them men and 16 women. It is also interesting that young people in South Africa are not necessarily more in favour of gender equality than their parents, and 36% of the 18-24 age group would rather put their trust in a male political leader as opposed to a female leader.
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Proud to be part of South African population

Last updated : 13 July 2015


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