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Ipsos poll: South Africans and the economy

[Johannesburg, 25 February 2015] - "Following the 2014 general election, South African adults are marginally more optimistic about the direction in which the country is going. The performance of the government on the economic terrain is also viewed slightly more positively, however, no 'pass marks' are achieved yet," says Mari Harris, Director of Public Affairs at Ipsos in South Africa.

From 19 September to 24 October 2014 a total of 3 608 randomly-chosen adult South Africans were interviewed in their homes and home languages as part of the Ipsos Pulse of the People study (see technical detail at the end of press release for more information).

Split opinions: Is the country going in the right or in the wrong direction?
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Ipsos poll: South Africans and the economy

Last updated : 25 February 2015


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