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ITWeb's Brainstorm magazine champions role of women in ICT

[Johannesburg, 8 August 2014] - ITWeb's Brainstorm, a monthly magazine for business technology decision-makers, in its August edition takes a look at how women have reached some top roles across the male-dominated tech space. It asks some tough questions: Are women better leaders than men? What can local businesswomen learn from the successes of international female tech leaders? Why is breaking through the glass ceiling every woman's job?

"If you as a woman want to make a career for yourself, there is opportunity in the ICT space," says Brainstorm's Managing Editor Patricia Czakan. "However, at present, local women in tech leadership roles are still few and far between, and even when at the top of their profession, they often earn less than their male counterparts."

The edition also looks at programmes intended to make ICT attractive to schoolgirls and inspire young women to choose ICT as a career, as well as company mentorship programmes aimed at young female employees.

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ITWeb's Brainstorm magazine champions role of women in ICT

Last updated : 8 August 2014


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