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Lessons Khulumani draws from Tunisian truth and dignity commission: Asikaqedi

[Johannesburg, 19 November 2014] - On the far northern shores of our continent, in Tunisia, a remarkable process of dealing with transition is unfolding. The processes connected to the Truth and Dignity Commission in Tunisia are contributing new ways of thinking about transitional justice and how to directly address the economic crimes that characterise authoritarian regimes.

Marchant, in his article: "No Fear in Following the Money - A Tunisian Lesson for South Africa"[i] explains how the Tunisian transitional justice process is attempting to disrupt the corrupt practices and networks that benefited the economic elites in Tunisia prior to the uprisings of the Arab Spring in that country. In Tunisia, state institutions had been captured by a few well-connected people at the expense of the majority.

The case study of Tunisia provides valuable insights for our own country given the way in which the possibilities of our own political transition have been undermined by our failure to secure accountability for the economic crimes of the elite in apartheid South Africa. In post-transition South Africa the pre-existing networks of patronage have been further expanded post-transition with patrimonialism characterising the practices of the ruling party. This has severely truncated possibilities for achieving an authentic transformation that might progressively deliver social and economic justice to the majority of the people in South Africa today.
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Lessons Khulumani draws from Tunisian truth and dignity commission: Asikaqedi

Last updated : 19 November 2014


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