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[Johannesburg, 31 October 2014] - The Asikaqedi Campaign welcomes the news of the signing into law of the regulations to provide educational benefits for those who were unable to complete their education as a result of apartheid human rights violations, and sacrifices made in the struggle for justice and democracy.

This information was made public by Dr Khotso de Wee, Chief Operations Officer of the Department of Justice on the 29 October 2014 John Perlman Show on Kaya FM, during which the Asikaqedi Campaign was discussed. The long delays in introducing educational benefits for victims and survivors has been a key demand of our campaign. We congratulate Government on taking this first step towards dealing with outstanding issues facing victims and survivors.

At the same time, we note those who eagerly await these educational benefits have not been consulted or advised as to what benefits are offered, who qualifies for them, or what processes should be followed to access these benefits. This is of particular concern as the regulations that are being promulgated address issues that been outstanding for decades. We need to know if provision only covers those recognised by the TRC, and whether benefits extend to families and dependents.
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Education benefits

Last updated : 31 October 2014


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