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[Johannesburg, 10 February 2011]

Mail & Guardian Online is currently the second largest Web site in South Africa, and produces an enormous wealth of traffic being generated to the various dedicated industry sites, which produces an impressive generation of over 5 million page impressions on a monthly basis, produced by over 550 000 unique browsers dedicated to the brand and available content.

It has built a readership market of highly educated professionals, influential executives and a large surplus of academia clientele, who fall in the 7 – 10 LSM group.

One of the sections within this network of sites is Mail & Guardian – JOBS, which was launched in June 2010 to provide the recruitment industry and Mail & Guardian's print clientele with a platform whereby they can provide their opportunities of vacancies to the online candidate.

The site has since then produced over 19 000 registered candidates, with a monthly page impression of over 176 000 generated and over 34 000 unique browsers recorded in the month of September–October 2010 alone. For a niche market of high net worth clientele, it's an impressive ratio by any standards, and with the growth, required a job platform that will cater in the provision for the online user. It needed to be user-friendly and built with functionality to maximise the potential of future career prospects, and Mail & Guardian has therefore developed a new system in which this can be accomplished.

The new system,, launched on 1 February and is designed to provide regular online users the opportunity to be a part of a user-friendly site with online search benefit functionality, which no other site is currently offering. As a search engine-based system, the recruiter has all functionalities available to them:

* To create and open accounts.
* Create a profile of your company and edit it at anytime at no extra costs.
* Upload your company logo at no additional cost.
* Edit vacancy details at anytime.
* Ability to see candidates that have viewed your position, even if they have not applied for it.
* Stats are provided to the response on your advert.
* We have an “Uplift Service”, where your position can be displayed first when searched for by candidates at any time, regardless of when the post was displayed.
* An internal communication system, which allows you to correspond with candidates even if they have chosen to remain “anonymous”, where no contact details are displayed.
* You can purchase your package online without the need for a consultant contacting you, of which the portal will have combination packages to suit your needs.
* You can purchase additional CV views and JOB listings at anytime once your chosen package contents have been depleted.
* Banner advertising on the site is loaded by yourself and you can choose the type of banner you require, upload the material by yourself and book your banner advert, which is subject to inventory availability.

The abovementioned benefits and functionality allows you to be in control of your account without the assistance of consultants and helpdesks, and all aspects relating to your job listing and account is managed by yourself online. This is ideal in saving costs and time, and you have permission to change and edit or add at your leisure and convenience.

We are offering you and your company the opportunity to partner with, and for your support and partnership, we have introduced a special offer in commemorating the launch to benefit you with the following, absolutely free, for a period of 30 days from the date of confirmation, which will provide you with the following:

* Create your account and add your company profile and logo.
* Place an unlimited amount of your executive JOB listings over a 60-day period.
* Viewing and search of the candidate database of over 19 000 unique candidates who fall into the LSM 7 – 10 category, unlike any other database.
* You will have access to the “Lift UP” service at a reduced rate to keep your post at the top of the search engine.

Please contact Suhayl Patel | National Sales Executive – Recruitment & System Developer E-mail: if you have any questions.

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