mapIT – Your digital mapping partner

mapIT offers businesses high quality digital maps with accurate and extensive coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa and across the globe. Furthermore we offer this map data on the world's foremost Location Based Services (LBS) platform, we are your all-encompassing digital mapping company.

mapIT’s services include Web Mapping, Mobile Mapping, Digital Mapping Services, Location Based Services (LBS) and Location Business Intelligence across many industries.

mapIT are able to provide you with local support, bespoke services to fit your specific requirements and working together with our clients we are able to deliver the most suitable and cost effective solutions.

mapIT’s promise to you is that together with TomTom Africa, Avusa and Partners, mapIT will establish innovative and comprehensive suites of digital mapping platforms to position itself as the leading international enabler of accurate location-based platforms throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Products and Services:

Address Cleaning and Geo-coding

deCarta LBS Platform Sales and Support

Location Based Services

Location Business Intelligence

Put your business on the map

TomTom Africa Digital Map Data Sales

Web and Mobile Mapping

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