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Matrix maintains momentum through another exceptional offering

[Johannesburg, 12 August 2014] - Everyday living and engagement is being transformed greatly by the use of smartphone technology, and as the presence of mobile technology continues to increase, so too does its impact.

South Africa's smartphone usage was placed at 20 million users in 2013, showing growth of 32% from 2012. Predictions are that this acceleration will slow to 27% in the current year, but time spent on devices continues to increase. Research shows that, on average, South Africans spend 127 minutes on smartphone devices per day, higher usage than television, tablets and laptops/PCs. The way organisations communicate with customers and the methodology behind product delivery and service maintenance are impacted greatly by these behavioural insights.

Matrix understands these behavioural changes, as well as driver behaviours, which have both become increasing useful to clients. Newly released innovations from the brand are driver alerts, available to all MX2 and MX3 customers, notifying motorists and light fleet managers of events occurring along the journey. Incidents range from harsh braking to harsh acceleration, and each event can be selected according to user preference; the incident report is then automatically generated. Notifications occur in real-time and e-mail reports are produced and sent as cases arise. This notice also details a convenient link to a map showing the exact location of the event.
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Matrix maintains momentum through another exceptional offering

Last updated : 12 August 2014


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