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21st century telephony is live and well in SA

[Johannesburg, 17 February 2012] - Today we have access to an exciting range of multimedia, conferencing and collaborative tools, to greatly enhance our social and work lives. Yet in spite of the rich possibilities, most real-time communication still takes place over basic, voice-only services of restricted quality, and at relatively high cost. One company's vision is to change this paradigm rapidly and allow all South Africans to participate in rich telephony services at substantially reduced costs.

The current disparity can be seen by imagining islands of copious communication within a sea of basic service. The island example is analogous to an enterprise, which deploys a unified communications solution internally. Other examples are Skype and Google+ Hangouts. Within each island, one can see the status of the person being called, establish ad hoc conferencing, share files and screens, and make video calls. Even basic voice calling can be replaced with the new high-definition voice quality service. Each island represents cutting-edge telephony services.

However, as soon as one connects to someone outside the service, “connecting islands across the sea”, as it were, the service reverts to basic, low-definition voice only. To add insult to injury, these calls also cost more!
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21st century telephony is live and well in SA

Last updated : 17 February 2012


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