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Multisource, XConnect form IP-Peering Federation for SA

Partnership will help operators in emerging market offer VOIP and next-generation services easily and cost-effectively.

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Multisource, South Africa's leading wireless services provider, and London-based XConnect, the leader in next-generation interconnection and carrier ENUM-registry services, have formed a partnership to help South African service providers take advantage of growing opportunities in the country's increasingly competitive telecommunications market.

The partnership, known as XConnect South Africa, will establish a multilateral peering federation, which will offer operators advanced VOIP and next-generation network (NGN) peering capabilities via an in-country interconnection hub. The federation will provide a simple, cost-effective means for exchanging traffic within South Africa and globally.

XConnect South Africa will combine Multisource's extensive market knowledge and network capability with XConnect's expertise in providing multimedia interconnection and carrier ENUM registry services. The full suite of XConnect's Interconnect 2.0 services will be deployed, enabling operators to interconnect their networks and route calls seamlessly and efficiently through a scalable, multilateral interconnection hub.

“With the proliferation of IP and VOIP players, the complexities and associated costs of interconnecting operators and telecommunication networks have become central concerns for South African service providers,” said Multisource CEO Richard Smuts-Steyn. “To compete successfully in our country's emerging telecoms market, operators need a secure and scalable point of interconnection and the comprehensive services our federation will offer.

“As we enter an era of explosive growth in South Africa's VOIP market, in terms of services and complexity, service providers are looking for solutions that can offer more cost-effective ways of communicating and carry the functionally rich bouquet of multimedia communications from end-to-end,” he added.

XConnect CEO Eli Katz said: “Our Interconnect 2.0 services are ideally suited to helping operators in South Africa overcome the challenges of next-generation interconnection and peering. The federation will enable easy interworking and interoperability between fixed, mobile and Web 2.0 networks.

“We are excited to be involved in the rapidly developing South African market,” Katz said. “We look forward to working with Multisource to offer service providers a competitive advantage in responding to opportunities arising from regulatory changes, economic growth and infrastructure improvements.”

The newly appointed CEO of XConnect South Africa, Christopher Geerdts, said the partnership underpins the principles of Interconnect 2.0, ushering in the next generation of VOIP in South Africa. “Our vision is to democratise voice and multimedia communications by empowering telecommunications players to focus on growing their core businesses while reducing barriers of complexity and costs,” he said.

Smuts-Steyn noted that interconnectivity extends beyond traditional voice connections to include the multimedia environment. For example, he said: “When you talk with someone on Skype, you are able to use both voice and video. When you break out of the Skype environment and connect to a cellphone, you lose the value-added video connectivity. This is because many networks do not support the complexity of multimedia interconnection. The new federation will provide technically elegant interconnect across all mediums.”

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Laura Abbott, for XConnect
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