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Physical asset management company Pragma publishes white paper on linear asset management

[Johannesburg, 24 October 2014] - Asset owners in industries like oil and gas or roads and utilities have unique asset management requirements and are often left stranded with asset management software designed for discrete assets. Such software systems fail to address the unique needs associated with linear assets and often necessitate the use of several standalone applications and manual actions to store and retrieve asset related information.

Linear assets extend along one physical dimension in space and often connect with each other through their relationship with the linear infrastructure they are associated with. Says Stefan Swanepoel, Associate Consultant at Pragma: "A good example of this is a service road that runs alongside sections of a railway line, where the railway line is the primary linear asset and the service road is a linear sub asset related to the railway line. Linear assets can be repaired or replaced in situ as a unit or in segments that can vary dynamically, based on condition or operational considerations associated with the asset."

The structure of the asset register plays an important role in an organisation's ability to analyse the performance, cost and risks associated with its assets and this is no different for linear assets. According to Swanepoel, the two important aspects that should be considered when configuring a linear asset are the level of detail required when capturing the cost, reliability and maintenance history of assets, as well as the organisation's ability to maintain such level of detail.
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Physical asset management company Pragma publishes white paper on linear asset management

Last updated: 24 October 2014