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Press Release
AES Brazil achieves Pas 55 certification under guidance of Pragma Brasil
Issued by: PRAGMA  
[Johannesburg, 19 February 2013]

AES Brazil has been awarded PAS 55 certification by the Institute of Asset Management. The company is the first power-generation entity in Brazil to receive such acknowledgement for its asset management practices.

Receiving the certification is an indication of AES Brazil’s commitment to asset management and it demonstrates the level of maturity the company has in place in terms of its asset management framework, best practices and maintenance execution. The benefit of such excellence will directly influence AES Brazil’s clients, who will enjoy more reliable equipment and less unexpected outages. In AES Tietê's case, the equivalent forced outage factor reduced around 70% in 2011/12 when compared to the prior years of 2009/10.

“For us, to be PAS 55-certified means we are managing the company’s assets in an organised, disciplined and efficient way, using the best practices recognised throughout the world,” says Renato Pagotto Bossolan, Asset Management Manager.

In March 2012, Pragma was requested to assist AES Brazil with its preparations for the PAS 55 audit. Pragma made a diagnosis based on its Asset Management Improvement Plan (AMIP). AMIP is a tool that has a strong correlation with the IAM Assessment, which is the official tool for PAS 55 certification. At the time of the AES Tietê evaluation, the company earned a 2.1 grade average and Pragma’s ultimate goal was that of PAS 55 certification by December 2012.

Pragma’s team, under the guidance of senior consultant Marcelo Turchet, was responsible for three fronts: PAS 55 documentation with consultant Fabiano Schincariol, flowchart processes with consultant Paul Edson, and preparation of corporate standards with consultant Marcelo Turchet, supported by consultant Umberto Rossi. AES Tietê team members, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Italo Freitas and Asset Management Manager, Renato Pagotto Bossolan, assisted with the process.

The management system included a policy and strategy for asset management, asset management plans, the implementation of maintenance routines, improvement of maintenance plans with RCM techniques, preparation of mandatory documents of management system, records of asset management, cultural change, as well as commitment from all levels of management.

By October 2012, Pragma started the cycle of internal audits in accordance with PAS 55. Although well prepared, several nonconformities were detected by the auditing team and became the focus of improvement in the months of October and November.

From 3 to 7 December, AES Tietê was audited by representatives of the IAM (Institute of Asset Management) and was recommended for PAS 55 certification with some minimal observations. The asset management system implemented aims to achieve productivity gains and the availability of physical assets, as well as financial gain in the long term. Pragma’s contribution was exceptional, considering the goal of certification in a period of only nine months was challenging.

Since 1997, AES Brasil has been responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. With more than 7 400 people working for the AES Brasil group, and an investment greater than $ 4 billion (1998 to 2011), the company supplies 53.6 TWh of distributed energy, 2 659 MW capacity installed and 13.9 TWh generated energy.

AES Tietê is responsible for 18 hydroelectric plants in São Paulo and Minas Gerais and has a government concession valid until 2029, which is renewable for another 30 years. With more than 350 direct employees working exclusively on generation, the company appointed Pragma to assist with its physical asset management.

Pragma is a global physical asset management services company specialising in partnering with companies to assist them with their physical asset management. Services and products include consultation, an asset care service, academy courses, service excellence (a service focusing on the refurbishment of large assets), PAS 55 certification alignment and the On Key Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

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