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Recycling plant installed at Shell Ultra City Three Sisters

[Johannesburg, 12 August 2014] - A totally green approach between Shell, Pragma and Cool Technology has resulted in the treatment of black water and sewage on site with a water recovery of between 60% and 70%. The 150m3 per day effluent treatment and grey water recycling plant was installed at the Shell Ultra City Three Sisters.

The installation has resulted in daily water recovery of between 25 000 litres out of season and 120 000 litres in season. Willie Brynard, Project Coordinator at Pragma, says it has a huge positive impact on the environment as the water table is not burdened with huge extraction on a daily basis.

The cost-effective design makes it possible to erect these plants in only 10 days, with minimal disruption on-site, and the components such as blowers and tanks are readily available in the marketplace. "We agreed that water needs to be saved at this site as constant drilling of boreholes was not the solution – the cost was escalating and water consumption increasing. It was agreed that a solution should be found to recycle and polish the final effluent for re-use in the toilets and urinals. The rest of the recovered water will be used to irrigate the site as it conforms to the discharge and irrigation standards. This entailed that sufficient storage for treated water would also be required."
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Recycling plant installed at Shell Ultra City Three Sisters

Last updated: 12 August 2014