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Eskom's Majuba power plant a sign of the times

[Johannesburg, 6 November 2014] - The coal silo that collapsed at Eskom's Majuba power plant was inspected in September last year, with there being no apparent signs of future failure, Eskom CEO, Tshediso Matona, said on Sunday.

What does this mean for the South African public? Were decisions made in the past that led to the collapse of the coal silo? Could the correct physical asset management have prevented this? How does it impact the local economy? Who needs to carry the blame? And can anything be done?

According to Andre Jordaan, Strategic Advisor at Pragma, South Africans have been reminded recently of the importance of proper asset management and maintenance. "Water shortages, load shedding and road network infrastructure cost several companies thousands in downtime and losses. Although the importance of maintenance is well known, asset management is still often neglected or seen as a grudge purchase, resulting in the knock-on effect that we've witnessed."
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Eskom's Majuba power plant a sign of the times

Last updated: 6 November 2014