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PRAGMA is a global engineering company providing physical asset management improvement services and products to our clients. We believe that the most important value derived from our service is peace of mind. A client's CEO and his production or service team can focus on delivering their own client promise, whilst we, along with the in-house maintenance team, take care of optimising the performance and longevity of their assets over the life cycle of those assets. We view our service as a strategic alliance or partnership that contributes to improved asset performance, cost savings and risk containment.

The Asset Care Centre (ACC) is the flagship of the Pragma service offering. Depending on a client's asset intensity and industry requirements, a suitable service will be offered. The ACC service is provided by our service companies, Pragma Africa and Pragma Brasil.

Pragma Acuity is responsible for consulting. The team consists of very experienced senior engineers. Pragma Acuity offers short-to medium-term interventions, training and mentorship on strategy, analysis and various asset improvement projects.

We offer a diverse range of public and onsite physical asset management courses within geographical reach of the Pragma Africa and Pragma Brasil Academy. An MBA in asset management is part of the Brasil Academy's offering.

Pragma On Key is our homegrown Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS). Apart from the traditional functionalities generally expected from an EAMS, it has a variety of sophisticated modules that allow the client virtual and real-time access to asset information.