Course Outline – ORM -

The Online Reputation Management course is one of the newest additions to Quirk's certificate courses. This five-week online course will teach students the basics of Online Reputation Management - how to monitor, manage and measure their brand's presence online and will teach students how to effectively position their brands to receive increased brand credibility.

The course is broken into weekly modules which will cover the following:

  • An introduction to Online Reputation Management.
  • Monitoring and measuring a brand’s presence online.
  • Managing a brand’s online reputation.
  • Maximising a brands online presence through market research from raw data.
  • The Holistic Approach

Why Should I Take This Course?

The course is ideal for anyone who is responsible for the reputation of their brand who wants to learn how to monitor, measure and manage their reputation online. Suitable for anyone involved in a marketing role with a fair understanding of the internet including brand managers and marketing managers.


Course Outline – Web PR -

Learn how to apply the Internet and its principles to the world of PR. The four-week part-time course teaches professionals working in a PR capacity about the basics of online PR and its tactics.

The course is divided into four modules which cover:

  • How to write for the Web
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Goal Setting and Measurement of Online PR campaigns.

Why Should I Take This Course?

Online PR, or WebPR, is creating quite a stir in the PR landscape. The Internet has changed the way in which we do things, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with these trends. The traditional tools of PR still apply – it's only the medium and methodology that are changing.


Course Outline – Applying Social Media to Business Challenges -

This is a distance-based course certified by the USB Executive Development Ltd (USB-ED) of the University of Stellenbosch Business School. The content will focus on case studies that illustrate how the tools of Social Media have provided solutions and opportunities for dealing with real business challenges. 

  1. An introduction to Social Media, its evolution, major tools and platforms and the challenges it poses to businesses wanting to integrate Social Media into their marketing strategies.
  2. How Social Media can be used to engage with your consumers and build online communities.
  3. The use of Social Media tools as direct sales channels.
  4. Managing the online reputation of a brand using Social Media channels.
  5. How Social Media can be used as a means of providing consumers with direct avenues to reach their brand.
  6. Increasing awareness about a brand and reaching a large audience through Social Media.

Why Should I Take This Course?

As an eMarketing agency with real hands-on Social Media experience and the awards to prove it, who better to teach you how to use the Social Media tools available to you? Knowing how to successfully use Social Media for your business is key to providing your customers with an interactive brand experience and growing strong customer-brand relationships. Quirk Education and the USB-ED have the answer - a six-week course which teaches you the ins and outs of applying Social Media to business.


Course Outline – SEO  -

The Quirk Certificate Course in SEO will teach students how to optimise a website for search engines. This 6-week course will cover:

  • Introduction to Search and SEO
  • Making Your Site Accessible to Search Engines
  • Keywords and Content
  • Advanced Content Optimisation and Strategies
  • Building Links (Authority and Relevance)
  • Managing SEO

Why Should I Take This Course?

Every day, millions of people use search engines to find information, goods and services. It is therefore very important, from a marketing perspective, to ensure that your product, service or website can be easily found by potential customers who are using search engines to find what they're looking for. Learning how to optimise your website so that it ranks highly on search engines is key to increasing traffic to your website and attracting potential customers.

This six week course is distance-based and completed online, and will teach students about Search Engine Optimisation, how it works and how to ensure that your website follows best SEO practices.


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