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 RocketSeed Press Release

Rocketseed wins Department of Arts and Culture

Issued by: Rocketseed  
[Johannesburg, ]

Rocketseed South Africa recently concluded an agreement to provide targeted e-mail marketing solutions to the Department of Arts and Culture. This is the sixth government department or parastatal to be signed up within the last two years.

Wade Willingale, Business Development Director at Rocketseed, said: “Government institutions are recognising the importance of communicating their services and news to the communities around them and the country as a whole. Rocketseed gives them an immediate, untapped marketing channel that is infinitely changeable and completely measurable. With our patent and level 2 BEE status, procurement is quick and easy.”

The vision of the Department of Arts and Culture is: an arts, culture and heritage sector that contributes significantly to social cohesion, nation building and economic empowerment. Its mission is to ensure a supportive and enabling environment for the growth and development of the sector, by:

* Developing, protecting, preserving and promoting South African arts, culture and heritage;
* Providing access to information;
* Promoting the official languages of South Africa and enhancing the linguistic diversity of the country; and
* Facilitating social cohesion and inclusivity.

Lisa Combrinck, Chief Director of Communication for the Department of Arts & Culture, said: “Rocketseed is an incredibly clever e-mail marketing tool. As the government department tasked with the responsibility for leading national celebration and commemoration of National Days, we believe that, given all the capabilities Rocketseed can offer us, we are poised to launch many successful campaigns!”

Tess Sulaman, Managing Director of Rocketseed, said: “The Department of Arts and Culture is an important win for us as it reinforces our plans to bring in new government accounts during 2013. We’re well into implementation and looking forward to doing some great work with the DAC into the future.”

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