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SMSPortal Christmas cheer

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The festive season 2011 inspired SMSPortal to spread some Christmas cheer among five very worthy causes. It is always difficult to decide who to help, but these charities stood out with very specific needs.

Thandu'sana Babies House provides care to abandoned and ill infants up to the age of three years. The home attentively minds the babies, often sitting by their hospital bed side as many are ill, also focusing on the development of the children, in the hopes of placing them in a safe, permanent home instead of an orphanage.

Thandu'sana is lucky to have a number of faithful volunteers, but was in dire need of a new kitchen! A kitchen that was modern and not a minefield for the inquisitive and cunning toddlers on the move. SMSPortal was happy to make this a reality, and looks forward to seeing the end result.

Khayalethu Street Children's Home takes in and cares for boys off the street who are wanting to make a change to their situation. The boys are enrolled into school and are active in structured sport programmes. Khayalethu have helped many young boys become contributing members of society, but for the safety of the boys the operation must move from their current building, as the suburb is said to be infested with drug rings and corrupting influences. The contribution from SMSPortal will help Khayelethu efficiently move to the new premises, far from any negative influences.

Save-a-Pet is an animal shelter with a no kill policy, turning no animals away and working to place them in good homes. Save-a-Pet has struggled for a number of years with the limited space and very small kennels, a need SMSPortal was glad to help with, extending the size of a number of the dog stalls to ensure the visiting dogs are able to stretch their legs and live comfortably until their new family finds them.

Summerstrand Surf Life Saving Club has for many years guarded the beaches of the Eastern Cape and taken part in life saving competitions. Unfortunately it lost the support of a long-time sponsor, leaving their gear and uniforms in disrepair! SMSPortal gladly gave the club a facelift, with a brand new uniform, and looks forward to seeing them excel.

SMSPortal's final worthy cause needed a very short-term goal met; ensuring every family dependent to the AVCC Govan Mbeki and Algoa Park had a delicious Christmas dinner. Eighty-five food parcels were delivered to the grateful seniors, who thanked SMSPortal through a beautiful song and dance. SMSPortal is grateful to be able to make a difference to each of these charities and look forward to following their successes in 2012.


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