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Have you been burnt using SMS as a marketing channel?

[Johannesburg, 9 May 2012] - In the past 10 years, SMSPortal has come across numerous clients who have been burnt while using SMS to communicate with their target market. Our response, however, is always the same: “Did your numbers come from a local mobile number?” eg, +2782XX, +2783XX and +2784XX? In most cases, the answer is “no”.

You may be intrigued as to why we ask this simple question. The main reason is to determine if the client's SMS provider is using local or international routing for SMS delivery.

International routing:
International SMS routing simply works by establishing a connection to one of many international SMS providers and sending your messages out of South Africa. Your data will often bounce from company to company until it reaches an international network, which has coverage of the network you are trying to send to.
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Have you been burnt using SMS as a marketing channel?

Last updated : 9 May 2012


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