Soarsoft International is an Archiving, eDiscovery, Migration, Messaging, Information Governance and Collaboration specialist. We have over a decade of experience deploying the worlds leading solutions that help organisations efficiently Manage, Control and Migrate unstructured data like emails, instant messaging, documents and files within the organisation.

Our Solutions and Services include:

Over the years we have used the experience gained with large and complex unstructured data archiving implementations to expand our services to cover messaging, eDiscovery and complex migrations of messaging and content within Enterprise Content Management and collaboaration platforms like SharePoint. Our specialist services have been delivered around the world, where we have continued to expand, refine and select only "Best of Breed", Trusted and Proven technologies and solutions we know we can trust. We also continue to evaluate our offerings to ensure they maintain market and technological leadership positions, so that we can be sure that we are offering our clients the very best advice when assessing products and solutions that will match their requirements and ensure we evolve with the changing requirements of our customers.

The vast volumes of data and intellectual capital generated and contained in the modern “information worker” technology environment, represents critical business data that needs to be continuously accessed for daily operations and efficeiently managed for Cost reductions, Governance & Compliance. Email, file, Instant Messaging and collaboration platforms require hardened, trusted and proven solutions and this is where Soarsoft uses their experience to solve the management and migration problems associated with the life cycle of these platforms.

Soarsoft have offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg South Africa, and bring together over a decade of experience in the deployment, Project Management and support of enterprise information management solutions for leading organisations in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Our Mission is to provide proven business solutions that manage and harness our client's information for the benefit of the organisation.