AUTONOMY ZANTAZ is a global provider of enterprise-class software and on demand solutions for content archiving and electronic discovery. AUTONOMY ZANTAZ solutions enable organizations to cost-effectively manage electronic document and messaging resources, fully comply with industry regulations and proactively manage complex litigation and discovery requests. AUTONOMY ZANTAZ' integrated set of archiving, compliance, discovery and litigation support solutions enable organizations to capture, preserve and access unstructured digital information-including email, IM, files, scanned documents, and other electronic records-and review and produce relevant documents for legal, regulatory and corporate policy requirements.

As a result, AUTONOMY ZANTAZ' customers mitigate business and operational risk, accelerate response times to legal and regulatory requests and reduce operating costs, improving their overall competitive advantage. 

With headquarters in Pleasanton, California, and offices in Boston, Chicago, New York, London and Ottawa, AUTONOMY ZANTAZ delivers its customer-driven solutions through a worldwide network of strategic partnerships and alliances, as well as a direct sales force.  

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