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Symantec NetBackup ends the backup window with 100 times faster backups

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Symantec announced the latest edition of Symantec NetBackup 7.5 to help enterprise organisations overcome their data protection challenges.

The current approach to backup modernisation offered by other vendors is broken. Data growth has been exponential while backup performance gains thus far have been incremental. At the same time, backup teams are frustrated with missed backup windows and non-integrated solutions for physical and virtual backups, deduplication and snapshots. Ultimately, organisations face a situation where recovery, the end goal of why backups exist, is complex and unnecessarily expensive.

Symantec is delivering a new approach to data protection and is introducing NetBackup 7.5 with new options, including NetBackup Accelerator to speed backups by up to 100 times while delivering “Instant Full Recovery” capability, NetBackup Replication Director to integrate NetApp Snapshots with backup, and NetBackup Search to allow simple search and recovery of backup data and selective legal hold.

Unlike other backup technology that relies on the IT team to integrate multiple disparate backup solutions, NetBackup is available as a single, integrated appliance for the data centre, remote office and virtual environments, providing customers with simplified deployment and operations.

Symantec is also announcing an expanded partnership with NetApp to integrate with NetBackup Replication Director, enabling customers to unify Snapshot and backup management, and remove the cost and risk associated with multiple backup and recovery tools. Replication Director enables organisations to reduce costs and complexity by recovering and managing backup and replicated Snapshots from a single, NetBackup management console.

“Just as 911 is the single point of contact for police, fire or medical emergency support, NetBackup is the single point of recovery for tape, disk, physical, virtual, snapshot or cloud backups,” said Sheldon Hand, CTO, Emerging Region, Symantec. “Symantec NetBackup 7.5 will speed backups by up to 100 times, unify snapshots and backup, and unite physical and virtual protection. The days of running seven different backup solutions are numbered, and the task of making it all work together no longer falls on the backup administrator.”

NetBackup 7.5 will deliver the following benefits:

* Break the backup window with 100 times faster backups: According to a recent Symantec survey of 1 425 enterprises, 72% of respondents stated they would switch backup products if backup speeds doubled. NetBackup Accelerator delivers 100 times faster backup with “Instant Full Recovery” through a single click in NetBackup's management console. This gives backup administrators the speed of incremental backups with the benefits of a full backup without the overhead and cost at recovery time.
* Unify snapshots and backup: NetBackup 7.5 includes NetBackup Replication Director to centralise management and speed the recovery of hundreds of replicated Snapshots. Replication Director leverages NetBackup's 10 years' of experience with snapshots and the advanced API in Symantec's popular OpenStorage (OST) interface that can integrate with storage-efficient NetApp Snapshots and replication (SnapVault and SnapMirror) for faster backup and recovery. Replication Director gives organisations the speed of Snapshots with the centralised management and recovery capabilities of NetBackup.
* Fight infinite retention: Many businesses have tremendous legal risk and cost exposure resulting from over retention of backup tapes. NetBackup Search ends infinite retention by helping organisations identify what information to archive and what to delete based on relevance to legal discovery or compliance cases. This reduces the time and cost IT spends on e-discovery and eliminates the need to keep backups forever.
* One product for any recovery: Survey results showed that the average enterprise is running seven different backup solutions, which creates operational complexity. Symantec NetBackup is the single point of control for backup, deduplication and recovery, whether from tape, disk, virtual machines, physical machines or cloud. Symantec is also the only vendor to integrate all of these solutions on a single NetBackup appliance. To reduce capital expenses NetBackup has added support for cloud storage from AT&T, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace, in addition to its existing partnership with Nirvanix. Enhanced WAN optimisation and encryption in NetBackup enable these partners to deliver cloud storage for backup as a cost-effective alternative to tape.
* Unite virtual and physical with V-Ray: NetBackup 7.5, powered by Symantec V-Ray, offers X-ray-like visibility into VMware VMDK files and Hyper-V VHD files to deliver true granular recovery without copying or mounting the data. Patent-pending V-Ray technology also enables deduplication across physical and virtual environments from a single solution. NetBackup's Virtual Machine Intelligent Policy (VIP) automatically detects and protects new, moved or cloned virtual machines and load balances backups for optimum performance.
* Stop putting tapes on trucks: NetBackup 7.5 simplifies disaster recovery by providing Auto Image Replication (AIR). AIR automates backup and replication between multiple NetBackup domains or locations and allows customers to eliminate volumes of redundant data and prioritise files that are sent over the network for disaster recovery purposes. AIR also removes the need to rely on physical movement of backup images via tape and eliminates the risk of disaster recovery not being possible due to human error. This offers a significant advantage over traditional tape-based, off-site storage in which backups must be duplicated to tapes that are then shipped to the disaster recovery site, a time-consuming and costly activity with the added risk that tapes could be lost or stolen in transit.

“NetApp and Symantec are focused on collaborating to help customers manage growing data volumes, drive greater efficiencies and reduce overall costs,” said Tim Russell, vice-president, Data Lifecycle Ecosystem Group, NetApp. “Customers are increasingly turning to NetApp Snapshots and replication for faster backup and recovery and to meet demanding business requirements. The expanded integration is a major step in enabling customers to simplify management of Snapshots, replication, backup and recovery and maximise their investments in NetBackup and NetApp storage systems.”


Symantec NetBackup 7.5 will be generally available for purchase in spring 2012 through Symantec's worldwide network of value-added authorised resellers, distributors and systems integrators or directly.

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