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Putting Africa on the Internet Measurement Map

[Johannesburg, 31 May 2016] - Availability and security of the Internet are likely to be boosted in Africa following a three-way partnership to gather Internet data for network operators. Layer 2 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) NAPAfrica and Workonline Communications, a provider of wholesale IP transit and transport services based in Sub-Saharan Africa, have teamed up with the RIPE NCC to gather Internet data that will help network operators gain further visibility into the structure of the African Internet.

The two African Internet organisations have volunteered to host the first Remote Route Collector (RRC) for Africa at the NAPAfrica Johannesburg Internet Exchange Point (IXP). The joint announcement was made today at RIPE 72 in Copenhagen, where international Internet Service Providers (ISPs), network operators and other interested parties have gathered to discuss issues of interest to the Internet community.

RRCs feed Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing data into the RIPE NCC's Routing Information Services (RIS) infrastructure. The RIPE NCC makes this data freely available for the Internet community via its RIPEstat service and network operators use this to troubleshoot problems and inform their routing decisions. The data collected is also used by researchers and academics. Incorrect BGP announcements can cause massive availability and security issues and can even lead to large portions of the Internet becoming unavailable.
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Putting Africa on the Internet Measurement Map

Last updated : 31 May 2016


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