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ShowMax announces peering agreement with NAPAfrica

[Johannesburg, 7 November 2016] - ShowMax, an Internet-based subscription video-on-demand service, has announced it is now connected to NAPAfrica Johannesburg, the largest Internet exchange point (IXP) in Africa. Originally launched in 2015, ShowMax is available in 65 countries, and houses Africa's largest subscription video entertainment catalogue.

"Streaming video over the Internet isn't difficult, but maintaining a consistently high quality service can be. By joining NAPAfrica, we're aiming to reduce latency and network hops, which ultimately means faster response times, fewer buffering events and a better overall customer experience. ISPs should also benefit from this move through reduced transit costs," says Mike Raath, Head of Distribution, ShowMax.

"We recently announced we'd surpassed the 20 million cumulative views mark – a serious achievement for a business little more than a year old. Given the increasing traffic volumes, this peering agreement is coming at exactly the right time to help us continue to deliver the best possible video quality," added Raath.
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ShowMax announces peering agreement with NAPAfrica

Last updated : 7 November 2016


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