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What does the data centre of the future look like?

[Johannesburg, 10 July 2014] - Six years since opening its doors, Teraco Data Environments – sub-Saharan Africa's first provider of resilient, vendor neutral data environments – says the path to 2020 will provide an equivalent amount of innovation and evolution as the data centre becomes an even more vital cog in the wheel of business.

CEO Lex van Wyk, says that Teraco has been fortunate to play a part in the data centre evolution: "Identifying the gap and taking market share is not always easy, but six years in and three multi-data centre facilities nationwide, Teraco has established itself as a data centre of choice with the successful provision of reliable and resilient infrastructure."

Van Wyk says Teraco is the only data centre with access to all undersea cables and the most African fibre networks: "Through NAPAfrica, Teraco's open peering and Africa's biggest Internet exchange, we house five of the largest global content players and estimate that 50% of content across the continent is accessed via NAPAfrica, making Teraco the most connected, neutral environment in Africa."
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What does the data centre of the future look like?

Last updated : 10 July 2014


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