Protect. Connect. Grow.
Teraco is the first provider of vendor neutral Data Centres in South Africa. Customers benefit from the cost savings and improved resilience of securely housing their information systems and networking equipment in a facility built and operated to best practice global standards by an expert organisation with absolute focus on Data Centre technology.

What does vendor neutral mean? Teraco customers can:

• Connect to any Carrier or Network Operator
• Connect to any Service Provider
• Connect to any customer within the Data Centre, without restriction. Standard, open interconnection policies.

Founded in 2007 and backed by leading international investors and Treacle Private Equity, a black owned South African private equity group, Teraco is a Level 4 contributor (DTI Codes). Teraco operates one Data Centre in Newlands, Cape Town and one Data Centre in Isando, Johannesburg (opening September 2009) and will be expanding to other sites.

PROTECTGuaranteed Resilience & Uncompromised Security

Always One Spare

Teraco guarantees availability. Data Centres are built to the highest international specifications. Fire protection, power, cooling and interconnect are all provided according to an N+1 policy.

Safer Environment

Uncompromised security and guaranteed environment are backed by Service Level Agreements. Advanced cooling provides the ideal climate, safeguarded with sophisticated fire detection and suppression. Teraco data centres are located in buildings in convenient, low-risk areas with tight security and stringent access controls.

Reliable Power

Teraco guarantees power supply. All cabinets are supplied with two independent power circuits from a resilient bank of UPSs. Maintenance can be performed at any time on any of the UPSs without service disruption. Multiple power generators ensure that an interruption of the municipal power supply, even combined with component failure, would not affect customers.

CONNECTUnrestricted Choice

Smarter Connectivity

As the first vendor neutral Data Centre provider in South Africa, Teraco customers connect directly into networks and service providers of their choice. They can run links over multiple carriers backbones, and manage traffic according to which network provides better value or performance. Changes from one to another take less than a day.

New Marketplace for Partnerships

Unrestricted traffic exchange between customers and service providers within the Teraco Data Centre creates new possibilities. Corporations can optimise business system performance through immediate and low cost interconnection with numerous partners that share the facility, from application service providers to backup, storage and business continuity operators.

GROWScaleability & Flexibility

More Freedom

Flexible power and space specifications make changes and additions easy. Customers can choose colocation in the main colocation areas, or a private cage. New interconnections can be set up rapidly to new partners or service providers as the business need changes.

Absolute Focus

Teracos sole business goal is the provision of high quality Data Centres. This allows customers to save on capital expenditure and operating costs, and focus on their businesses. Through continued investment in expanded and new facilities, Teraco presents a long term solution for its customers expanding business requirement.

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