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Pale Natives

Written by Paul Slobolepszy, directed by Bobby Heaney

Issued by: The Market Theatre  
[Johannesburg, ]

Pale Natives is one of the gems in Slabolepszy's dramatic repertoire. The play focuses on the surviving clan of white males in South Africa, with South Africa's imminent changeover of government as a backdrop.

With typical machismo, Rabelaisian (Rabelaisian humour refers to vulgar use of bodily (scatological) sexual humour through exaggeration and suspension of disbelief, and comic humour, Slabolepszy relates the personal angst of his five 40-plus male characters facing and handling their lives, in a turbulent South Africa.

By poignantly combining pathos, satire and comic humour, Slabolepszy enables us to empathise with them. The positive note on which the play ends suggests hope for the future, but this hope is ambiguous.

The comic mirror Slabolepszy holds up to his audience ultimately questions the fate of present-day South Africa's disillusioned Pale Natives.

Paul Slabolepszy's special skill is in how he is able to present to an audience the normality of the South African life. His characters are people we meet on lifts, at a car wash, people we see cursing as they walk into a church, people who carry baggage that they've never questioned, people who wear armour to hide the vulnerability that they don't want the world to see.

This production was made possible by a grant from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

Production Information

Author: Paul Slabolepszy
Director: Bobby Heaney
Lx designer: Nomvula Molepo
Set and Costume: Noluthando Lobese
Stage Manager: Lebeisa Molepo
Publicist: Robert Motseko

Cast Role

James Cairns: Eddie
Ashley Dowds: Ashley
Lionel Newton: Kyle
Antony Coleman: Roux

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