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SEO is dead and buried!

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Website with no SEO being done.

Website with no SEO being done.

As an SEO company, we often hear that SEO is dead and that Google hates SEO companies; this has never been further from the truth.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is still a relatively unknown practice in South Africa. Most business owners still rely on conventional methods of marketing and think of the Internet as “the Great Unknown”, where only people who want to steal your identity live. Like it or not, the Internet is becoming a bigger part of everyday life and conventional means of marketing are slowly shifting online. Ensuring your business has a strong online presence is a must to survive in the new digital era.

Does SEO help to improve your online presence?

At Web SEO, we constantly see clients who are desperate to get their Web sites to rank in Google, but are hesitant when it comes to using SEO. SEO, if done correctly, is an ongoing process that can take months to show results. Clients tend to be scared off when you tell them it’s not a quick fix. So, is this waiting worth it and can SEO strengthen your online presence?

Website drop in traffic when SEO was stopped.

Website drop in traffic when SEO was stopped.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of the types of SEO clients we at Web SEO come into contact with.

1. “No thank you, I don’t want SEO.”

Here we have a site that is not doing any SEO. At the beginning of January, it had an average of about 450 visits per month. At the end of October, we can see the average is still about 450 visits a month and there is no growth at all.

2. “Thanks for the increase in traffic; my Web site will be fine now.”

Growing visitor trend with a strong SEO Campaign.

Growing visitor trend with a strong SEO Campaign.

Every now and then, you encounter clients who see an increase in traffic to their site and think the work is done. As soon as they start seeing results, they forget that SEO is an ongoing process.

Here we see a Web site that stopped doing SEO after seeing good results for the first three months. When the SEO was stopped, the traffic dropped from about 1 500 visits a month to less than 500 a month. Soon after the drop in traffic, SEO was resumed and the results speak for themselves. At the end of October, the Web site had close to 4 000 visits for the month.

3. “I love my SEO company.”

Lastly, we will look at a Web site that started doing SEO and was patient enough to stick with it.

At the beginning of January, this Web site saw about 1 500 visits a month. With a strong SEO campaign, the site showed continual growth over a period of 10 months. At the end of October, the Web site had more than 2 500 visits a month and continues to grow.

South Africa is quickly catching up to the rest of the world on the digital front. Can you afford for your business to be left behind?

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