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Press Release
Resources for the media on the life and times of former president Nelson Mandela
Issued by: Wits University  
[Johannesburg, 14 June 2013]

Wits University has been receiving numerous requests for experts to comment on the Honourable former president Nelson Mandela, as well as for access to some of the resources and historical papers hosted in its archives.

Wits has thus compiled a Web page comprising commentators (see below) who can speak on the life and times of Madiba from political, historical and cultural perspectives.

For speeches, citations and images, visit www.wits.ac.za/news.

A video produced by Prof Phillip Bonner from the Wits History Workshop in recent years can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZlty_3kp2o&feature=youtu.be.

Links to digitised archive material on Madiba - http://www.wits.ac.za/files/e54te_379623001371043619.pdf. It is free and open for the public to view but some items may be subject to copyright and permission if it is to be republished. Permission can be obtained from Michele Pickover, Principal Curator: Archives and Digital Library, Historical Papers Research Archive on (+27) 11 717 1940 or e-mail michele.pickover@wits.ac.za.

Wits experts:

Prof Sarah Nuttall (Mandela’s legacy)
Director: Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research
E-mail: sarah.nuttall@wits.ac.za
Cell: (+27) 82 887 7169
Tel: (+27) 11 717 4232

Prof Achille Mbembe (Mandela’s life and times)
Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research
E-mail: achillembembe@hotmail.com or achille.mbembe@wits.ac.za
Cell: (+27) 71 265 9712
Tel: (+27) 11 717 4225

Prof Adam Habib (Political analyst)
Wits Vice-Chancellor and Principal
E-mail: adam.habib@wits.ac.za
Cell: (+27) 83 301 6536
Tel: (+27) 11 717 1102

Associate Professor Noor Nieftagodien (Historical perspective)
Head: History Workshop at Wits
School of Social Sciences
E-mail: noor.nieftagodien@wits.ac.za
Cell: (+27) 82 457 4103
Tel: (+27) 11 717 4284

Prof Daryl Glaser (Political perspective)
Head: Political Studies at Wits
School of Social Sciences
E-mail: daryl.glaser@wits.ac.za
Cell: (+27) 76 140 7340
Tel: (+27) 11 717 4373

He can speak on Madiba’s significance in relation to the achievement (or non-achievement) of values like liberty, democracy, social justice, shared prosperity and domestic peace; political controversies surrounding Mandela; his importance as a symbolic resource for the ANC and country; and the struggle by competing groups to appropriate his legacy.

Prof Tawana Kupe (Mandela as an icon)
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Finance and Operations
E-mail: tawana.kupe@wits.ac.za
Cell: (+27) 78 459 6041
Tel: (+27) 11 717 1141

Editorial contacts
Wits University
Kanina Foss
(+27) 11 717 1024

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