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Live streaming made seamless with SMS

Founded in 1981, Telemedia is a leader in the broadcast and teleport industry. It supplies studios and production companies with the services needed to create and distribute content that will broadcast on-air. Telemedia also has the job of ensuring that its customers' networks and systems are always working, which is where SMS comes in.

Where does SMS fit in?

When, and if, Telemedia's customers are unintentionally off-air, the operations control room and engineers need to be alerted immediately so they can fix the problem as soon as possible.

According to Steve Bretherick, CEO of Telemedia: “We operate a network monitoring system, PRTG from Paessler, that constantly monitors over 6 000 sensors, which include bitrates, connectivity, signal strengths, electrical power, room temperature and other telecommunication metrics.”

This system takes readings of every sensor on the network every 60 seconds. Each sensor is configured with limits, and when readings are outside of the limit, an error is flagged, which triggers an SMS. This SMS is sent to alert the engineering team of the problem.

Why SMS?

“The SMS alert is a push notification that beeps on your phone without the need to check or pull data. This means that our engineering team is notified of the problem as it happens,” says Bretherick.

Bretherick goes on to say that connectivity issues or loss of WiFi can often be a part of the problem, which is why they needed a notification system that didn’t rely on access to the Internet. “We chose SMS because we needed a notification system that was independent of our network.” If you’d like to know more about our SMS API, or our integrations, click here.

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