Cloud Essentials’ Expert Insights Webinar: Cloud backup – raising the bar

Wednesday, 29 March at 1pm (SAST)
Issued by Cloud Essentials
Johannesburg, Mar 2, 2023

We challenge you to aim higher in your expectations of what cloud backup can and should be doing for your business. Technology has developed fast. It’s a competitive vendor space – which puts you in the driving seat. 

If you haven’t evaluated your backup strategy for a while, now’s the time to look at your options. Can you afford not to? But where do you start?

Join our Expert Insights Webinar for a guide to creating a backup specification that demands more.

Join our Expert Insights Webinar for a guide to creating your cloud backup specification.

In conversation with backup expert, AvePoint, we will:

  • Explore compliance requirements and must-have elements of modern-day cloud backup solutions;
  • Identify the blind spots to look out for when considering your cloud backup specification;
  • Highlight the features that you should be demanding from your backup solution; and
  • Discuss use cases and best practice.

You’ll leave with:

  • A clear understanding of where Microsoft backup protection ends and the gaps that need filling;
  • A starting point to develop a specification to meet your business needs; and
  • Knowledge to create a future-proof, long-term backup strategy.

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