Forensic technology specialist, Adam Bown, joins Cloud Essentials

Issued by Cloud Essentials
Johannesburg, Feb 12, 2018

Cloud Essentials (previously Soarsoft International) is proud to welcome forensic technology specialist, Adam Bown, to our team.

Adam joins us with over 20 years' experience in IT, nearly half of which has been spent in the forensic technology fields of Data Analytics and eDiscovery. His extensive, hands-on knowledge of the strategic and implementation requirements of these two fields (developed over the course of a career at organisations like Andersen, KPMG and Ernst & Young) will be a great asset to our eDiscovery, Forensics and Data Analytics business units.

We look forward to leveraging his skills to bring even more effective and security-conscious solutions to our customers, particularly within sensitive industries like legal and financial services.

These solutions include:

Forensic Data Analytics

Data is tightly bound with everything we do in today's digital world and provides a valuable source of structured (transactions) and unstructured (electronic documents) information to support forensic investigations into internal abuse, data breaches or other fraud risks.

By applying specialised and fully-auditable forensic analytical knowledge and techniques, including data visualisation, to both structured and unstructured data, Cloud Essentials can assist businesses in identifying patterns of potential fraud, misappropriation, corruption or other nefarious activities, and highlight any apparent or hidden relationships relevant to data-driven investigations.

Performance & Forensic Analytics for Payroll & Procurement

Procurement, accounts payable and payroll are internal processes with a high fraud risk, since they comprise the majority of payments made by an organisation. To prevent collusion and possible fraudulent transactions (e.g. double payment of invoices in the procurement process, inventory theft, the manipulation of bank statements or inflated bonuses in payroll etc.), strong delegation of authority, segregation of duties and other controls are required.

Cloud Essentials can assist organisations with the monitoring and management of these areas to minimise their fraud risk and associated financial, compliance and reputational consequences. This is done through the implementation of well-designed, interactive, visual analytical models and dashboards that 'sit on top' of transaction systems, and provide a proactive monitoring capability that allows internal audit or forensic professionals to timeously prevent and respond to potentially fraudulent transactions.


When responding to legal discovery, subject access and other regulatory data requests, managing the eDiscovery process across large and varied repositories with many different file types can be a big headache. This is particularly true when there's an imminent court case or regulatory deadlines to be met: failure to identify and collect all relevant data sets can lead to under-production and increased risk, while over-collection of data can lead to unacceptable review timelines and increased costs.

Cloud Essentials can help businesses streamline the timelines and costs involved in end-to-end eDiscovery by providing all the necessary expertise and technologies at each step of the process. We not only optimise in-place search (or early case assessment), but also expedite the review and analysis of the collected ESI using a selection of trusted, specialist tools optimised for each case's precise requirements.

Network Intrusion Response & Readiness

Data breaches and network intrusion are a reality of today's world. The cyber-threat and compromise of digital assets has never been as big a risk as it is now - and it's still growing.

Cloud Essentials helps businesses ensure that they are adequately prepared for network intrusions and other cyber-threats by implementing tools that facilitate the discovery and auditing of network access and activity. This information can be collected and preserved centrally and analysed on a proactive basis by security and incident response teams to identify suspicious activity or changes to access control in the digital environment. This enables faster response times and better control over potential threats and cyber-incidents.

For more information on Cloud Essentials' data analytics and eDiscovery services, visit or e-mail [email protected].