Retention and deletion in Office 365 – the why, the what and the how

Issued by Cloud Essentials
Johannesburg, Sep 26, 2022

FREE 30-minute Expert Insight webinar | Tuesday 25th October at 12pm (BST)

The fifth in our series of Expert Insights webinars will tackle retention (preservation) and disposition (deletion). Led by Johann van Schalkwyk, Head of Cloud & Migration at Cloud Essentials, we’ll explore the principles of retention, the terminology used within the Microsoft 365 environment and how to apply retention policies and labels in practice.

Getting started with retention management

The webinar will be packed with practical advice, including:

  • The rules that determine when content is retained or deleted;
  • The difference between labels and policies in Microsoft 365;
  • The difference between implicit and explicit, static and scoped policies;
  • When to use in-place hold and when to use legal hold;
  • Deletion of Items that are on in-place or legal hold, in order to respond to a DSARs event or to remediate data spillage; and
  • Examples of how the policies would be applied in practice.

Understand how retention differs across Microsoft 365 workloads

Our experts will deep dive into how retention and deletion differ for e-mail and documents, and take a look across the common Microsoft 365 workloads to demonstrate how retention policies are implemented.

Top tips for dealing with archives and legacy data

Based on our experience, we’ll share how retention policies apply when migrating archives into your Office 365 environment and how to avoid common pitfalls and set yourself up for success.

Ask the expert – roundtable Q&A

The webinar content will last 30 minutes, after which time there will be a roundtable Q&A – your opportunity for off-record questions to the experts and peer-to-peer discussion.

Don’t miss out!

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