Cloud Essentials’ Expert Insight webinar: 14 June 22

Harnessing the power of Microsoft to accelerate your information protection journey.
Issued by Cloud Essentials
Johannesburg, May 27, 2022

Free 30-minute

Expert Insight

webinar | Tuesday, 14 June at 12pm (BST)

Guaranteed to give you confidence and clarity.

This webinar will be the catalyst for informed conversations about information protection in your organisation.

Getting everyone onto the same page

Crammed with lessons learned, valuable tips for success and practical advice on how to start and/or progress your information protection journey, IT and risk/compliance/information professionals will benefit from joining the webinar.

In our experience, cross-department collaboration is key to success at every stage of your information protection journey. Attending this webinar will help to ensure you are all talking the same language and can agree on a common goal.

Expert advice and real-world experience

Chris Hathaway, one of our experts with years of experience, will address:

  • Why your journey is prone to fail without an organisation-wide data taxonomy and how to start establishing one;
  • The Microsoft tools available and best practice advice for successful implementation; and
  • How to harness advanced capability to take your information security to the next level.

Ask the expert – roundtable Q&A

The webinar content will last 30 minutes, after which time there will be a roundtable Q&A – your opportunity for off-record questions to the experts, and peer-to-peer discussion on information protection.

Don’t miss out!

Join us for this informative, interactive webinar. And please forward the link to invite your colleagues as well.


Expert experience:

Chris Hathaway is a content expert. As well as being experienced in IT risk, he’s overseen the successful completion of many complex cloud migration, content management and compliance projects during his decades-long career. He combines his in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem with an understanding of today’s tech space and a passion for collaborating with clients to find the best solution to their challenges. You’ll have the chance to pick his brains at the end of the session.