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Being intelligent about business data

Coming into its 14th year, ITWeb's next annual BI & Analytics Summit will be held from 12 to 14 March 2019, at The Forum in Bryanston. This year's event is themed: 'Being intelligent about Business Data' and will focus on the practical application of BI and analytics into the business.

"These days, data is all around us. Big data is not simply a trend, and it's definitely not something we can ignore," says Angela Mace, CRM and events director at ITWeb.

"Business intelligence is a fast-moving environment and means different things to different audiences. There's data management and data modelling. We have artificial intelligence, machine learning and visualisation. The bottom line is that today's businesses require a thorough understanding of the entire BI landscape if they are to successfully translate their data into actionable insights to benefit the business."


She says the volume of data is exploding, and we have seen more data created in the last couple of years than in the entire previous history of humanity. "And this data is a goldmine, if you know how to use it effectively."

This is why, once again, the ITWeb BI & Analytics Summit 2019 will provide a platform for BI and data specialists from across industry to meet, share knowledge and hear about the latest technologies, solutions and trends, she says. "Next year's event will also feature keynote addresses by international experts, as well as local and international case studies, real success stories and lessons learned, as well as interactive panel discussions and practical workshops."

There is no question, Mace says, that ITWeb's annual BI & Analytics Summit has become the leading event in southern Africa, and a "must attend" for business leaders across the board. "The event provides a platform for over 300 attendees from 150 organisations to meet, and share insights around the latest BI and analytics developments and applications."

Delegates will learn about practical solutions for successfully implementing BI and analytics solutions into their businesses and will discover strategies for achieving effective data management and governance.

In addition, they will hear from the experts how to identify and extract value from different sources of structured and unstructured data and will learn how to move away from traditional reporting to predictive analytics.

"Moreover, attendees will have the opportunity to explore data science, and learn how to incorporate it into their BI and analytics departments. They will learn how to drive additional business benefits through implementing AI and machine learning, and ultimately, will be able to future proof their organisations by discovering what is happening with BI and analytics going forward," she concludes.