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Cloud Essentials introduces affordable, high-end eDiscovery to law firms

Leading UK and EMEA cloud expert partners with EDT Software and Microsoft to deliver on-demand discovery and disclosure platform.

Cloud Essentials has today launched a hosted eDiscovery platform that enables law firms to offer quality, timely and cost-effective litigation support services to their clients.

Powered by EDT software, a global leader in comprehensive case management software for eDiscovery, the Cloud Essentials eDiscovery platform incorporates secure Microsoft Azure hosting, ingestion from many different data sources, and a team of legal, compliance and tech-savvy professionals to deliver training and support as needed.

"EDT's data processing has all the indexing, OCR and deduplication functionality you would expect from a high-end solution," says Adam Bown, Head of Cloud Forensics and Data Analysis at Cloud Essentials. "Its early case assessment tools are also very effective at digging beneath the surface of who, what, when, where and why, to shed light on connections that aren't immediately obvious before making culling decisions."

Quality eDiscovery and case management services are often prohibitively expensive to all but the largest legal firms. They also tend to be disjointed in their operation, with, for example, the results of one stage, such as data processing, being imported into a separate platform for review.

According to Jo Sherman, CEO of EDT: "It's common for new information to come to light during the actual review stage, and lack of integration between different tools used at different stages can mean significant delays and costs. With EDT, data is ingested, processed, analysed, reviewed, produced and presented from a single, central location. This makes it quick and easy to add new data sources or apply new keyword searches or culling criteria at any stage."

Importantly, by leveraging Microsoft Azure, law firms can deliver their service from an appropriately sized environment that has built-in failover and security. The addition of EDT's advanced two-factor user authentication, sophisticated permissions model and data encryption services creates a bullet-proof platform.

"We are delighted to be working with a partner with so much experience in addressing enterprise cloud security and compliance concerns, as this will remove any barriers to accessing the simplicity, agility and cost savings on offer with EDT," Sherman concludes.

To find out more about Cloud Essentials' eDiscovery platform, powered by EDT, get in touch with Cloud Essentials on [email protected] or click here.

Cloud Essentials

Cloud Essentials helps enterprises prepare for the cloud, make a smooth migration, and get the most out of their investment going forward. With a service portfolio that includes planning, training and migration, underpinned by a strong security and compliance know-how, the company's goal is to empower your business to make tangible cost savings without risk.

As a Cloud Accelerate Microsoft Partner and with over 20 years' experience in delivering enterprise archiving and eDiscovery solutions, Cloud Essentials can help you navigate complexity and take advantage of best-of-breed software as a service (SaaS) to exploit your cloud investment.

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EDT develops case management software for eDiscovery, litigation and investigations. Natural language processing, analytics, review, production and presentation features are fully integrated, and EDT can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. EDT has been embraced by international law firms, corporations, government agencies and service providers for over 10 years and the EDT team has recently embarked on research and development to augment the platform with state-of-the-art AI technology.

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