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UiPath takes diamond sponsorship of ITWeb Business Process Management and Automation 2019

Robotic process automation (RPA) leader UiPath has come on board as diamond sponsor for ITWeb's Business Process Management and Automation 2019, to be held on 9 April at The Forum, in Bryanston.

Adriana Rangel, head of Marketing MEA at UiPath, says UiPath recently opened an office in South Africa, and UiPath wants to leverage all strategic opportunities to interact with the local business community, as well as further educate the leaders about the benefits of automation. "In our opinion, this is the most important event on business automation in the country this year."

"While we already know that we have the best in its class enterprise-grade automation platform on the global market, we want to create the context for South African companies to also learn more about this new technology," she continues.

"Our people will also be there to talk at length about how RPA can help them achieve their business objectives quickly and seamlessly," she adds.

Speaking of how the event will benefit delegates, Rangel says from UiPath's perspective, they will be able to gain a better understanding of how RPA could help them accelerate their digital transformation journey and its outcomes.

"Equally important, we will present deployment use cases, showcasing how to achieve automation at scale fast, and finally, how RPA will help them improve customer experience and employee satisfaction."

[SIDEBAR]Angela Mace, CRM and events director of ITWeb, says the RPA, although relatively speaking in its infancy, is gaining much attention in the corporate world. "Over the past few years, CTOs are starting to take notice, and are realising the massive potential RPA has to eliminate the most mundane, time-consuming and repetitive tasks that take staff away from jobs that drive innovation. RPA can improve efficiencies as well as lower costs, and streamline processes.

"UiPath is a leader in the RPA space, and is ideally situated to help South African businesses navigate the automation sector, and learn how RPA can help them take their organisations to a new level," she says.

She says ITWeb recognises the value of BPM and automation in the South African space, and developed the event to bring South African businesses all the information they need to realise the potential of these technologies.

"The agenda promises to examine all angles, from what needs to be automated to assessing the future of BPM," she ends.