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ITWeb Data Centre Summit 2019: Call for papers now open

ITWeb has announced Data Centre Summit 2019 will be held on 10 July 2019 at The Forum in Bryanston, and the call for papers is now open.

"The Data Centre Summit has become the data centre event of the year, and a place where evangelists, researchers, vendors and industry practitioners from across Africa gather to exchange ideas, talk about the latest tools and solutions, and discuss emerging trends, to define the future of the data centre in SA," says Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb.

According to Mace, the data centre is the lifeblood of all organisations, and is vital to the delivery of IT services and apps, connecting and providing storage for a burgeoning number of devices, users and workloads.

"The modern data centre is significantly different from the data centre of a decade ago in terms of technology advancements, complexity and scale. Gone are the days where growth was about bricks and mortar; today, it's all about the connections between multiple clouds and facilities."

[SIDEBAR]For this reason, she says organisations are under pressure to optimise their data centre investments, but today's businesses are spoiled for choice. "Our digital world is driving complexity on a massive scale. Do organisations build a new facility? Do they modernise their old one? And then there's the cloud, and co-location. It isn't easy navigating the waters of data centre multiplicity today."

Themed "Addressing the complexities of the modern data centre", this year's programme will examine the way organisations today are addressing the performance and availability challenges caused by the data explosion, and will look beyond products and services, to the real issues facing the data centre industry.

"We will examine the hybrid environments to which many organisations are moving their workloads, as well as the edge, and how experts predict that it will forever alter data centres as we know them," says Mace.

In addition, Data Centre Summit 2019 will unpack the 'software-defined data centre' and how they are being viewed as crucial to digital transformation, and are offering a single platform for monitoring, updating and scaling server, storage and networking resources. "We will also look at trends such as AI, automation and machine learning, and their impact on the modern data centre."

According to Mace, the summit has become the most respected platform for senior business decision-makers, buyers and executives, to unpack the trends and challenges around data centre technology, as well as learn about the services and technologies available to help them optimise their data centre investments.

"Moreover, the event attracts a network of prospective clients spanning the breadth of the data centre business chain, from enterprise and the public sector, to data centre giants and the industry as a whole."